Case Studies

1. Individual client

This young individual (19) presented with moderate to severe CFS. He had been unwell since he was 12 and had subsequently missed out on education and socialising. At the start of our work together, he was unable to walk more than a few metres, could not go out with friends and was mostly house-bound. He slept for large periods of the day.
We worked together over 3 half day sessions. These sessions were tailored to meet his specific needs and used a powerful combination of neuro linguistic programming, cognitive behavioural therapy and mindfulness.
Results: Short-term
By the end of the 3 days he had played tennis with his father, had been out with his uncle and was planning his application to university! When we spoke a week later he had just climbed a mountain!
His Mother’s comment, “Thank you so much! I have got my son back!”
He has completed his degree, was a keen member of his University Tennis Team and now plays for his local club. He leads a full and normal, healthy life.

2. Harley Street

Request to mentor and coach a company director. Due to changes in the market and increased workload the client was struggling with stress and anxiety and this was impacting on his ability to make effective decisions and on his relationships both with his staff and at home. He presented with extreme stress, panic attacks, feeling of being overwhelmed, angry and unable to cope. He was self-medicating with increased alcohol consumption and was feeling “something had to give.”
We worked together over a number of sessions. The aim of the early sessions was to increase self-awareness and to enable the client to understand the physical and emotional impact of long term increase in allostatic load, and to provide simple self-help techniques and relaxation exercises to assist in short-term management. Later sessions were designed to give the client a tool-kit of strategies that would enable him to deal with life and work stressors in a more balanced way. Also to set and accomplish well-formed outcomes for himself.
After 6 sessions the client reported: “I feel I now have the understanding and self-awareness to recognise when I am heading off track and the intervention techniques I need to do something about it. My relationships with both staff and client have improved and I no longer fly off the handle. My wife is also delighted that I am not as wound up!”

3. Business

Janice was commissioned to work for Time Inc.’s London office. Her remit was to write and deliver courses on effective communication and emotional intelligence aimed at staff from all areas of the business. The courses consisted of 2.5 hours of interactive presentation and each participant was also provided with a detailed booklet to accompany the course. Feedback was positive:
“The trainer was great – a hugely enjoyable session”
“Janice was absolutely brilliant in her delivery. An extremely useful course.”
100% of participants were happy to recommend the course to others.
As a result, further, more detailed courses were commissioned to train members of the HR leadership staff, enabling them to work more effectively with the Management Teams. The overall aim was to facilitate a cascade of more effective and efficient working practices throughout the organisation, maximising productivity. She was also requested to develop and deliver courses on Resilience and well-being in the workplace, reducing absenteeism, due to illness, stress and anxiety related conditions and again to maximise productivity in an ever-changing, fast paced work environment.